Doctor Who

Brand New Shop!

As you may have noticed the shop page has been updated! We have left Etsy behind and are now taking all orders direct. I will be adding a few more of the regular designs up there as and when I get time.

But for now you can buy the One Direction, Ed Sheeran, The Script, Sherlock and Doctor Who Converse, to name just a few, quickly and simply through PayPal.

In other news I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Wedding designs which are great fun to do.

Bride and Wedding date


This last pair had a pink racing stripe with purple and silver design.

I’ve also had a lot of requests for designs to feature the Swarovski crystals so this is something that I have invested in! The crystals are on order and i’ve already got the heat gun! So much of my time is taken up with the painted designs that I let my mum have a practice with a spare shoe this afternoon. If all goes well then we may have to start adding to the Custom Converse team.


This will also mean that we can offer you the best of both words with a hand painted design and crystal embellishments for a very reasonable price!



Doctor Who Converse

So the Doctor Who meets Van Gogh converse have been painted up in full now.


I’m really pleased with how they look, and yet again it’s another pair of converse which happen to be in my size so I automatically want to keep them for myself! I can’t though, so they will be posted off to the US tomorrow.

If you would like a pair the listing is up over on the shop page. I’ve also had a few requests for low-top One Direction converse so there’s a new listings page for those too, obviously no images of them available yet.

To those of you waiting on designs to be drawn up, thanks for your patience. I have got most of them done now and will be in contact very soon with photos of the designs.

Doctor Who meets Van Gogh

I’ve been thinking of doing a Doctor Who themed pair of converse for a while now, so when I received an email this morning regarding a pair I was excited. Little did I know that our email discussion would go on to combine Doctor Who with Van Gogh – as I recently practiced.

AlexConverseSide1 AlexConverseBack AlexConverseSide2

Alex made these designs up on photoshop and sent them over to me and they look incredible. I’ll hopefully get to make a start on them in the very near future!

Plans for this week

Asides from getting the finishing touches sorted out on here I’ve got quite a bit to be getting on with in the coming week.

  • One Direction – Red x2
  • Ed Sheeran x2
  • Mylo Xyloto

As well as these I’ve got a black size 6 pair in stock with two possible designs to be created. I’m thinking either Doctor Who or The Hunger Games. I’ve had a couple of suggestions for The Hunger Games already and the first film will be out very soon, but Doctor Who is always going to be popular!

Which design do you think I should start working on?