2014 Update

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It’s been a while since I have updated the blog so here’s a brief recap of what’s been going on.

Hole In My Sole

The 20th December 2013 saw the end to Dan Smith’s first pair of custom converse after impailing his foot on glass. I won’t show you the gory photos, but a video of the incident can be found here. I took a break over Christmas and then got working on a second pair for him. They’re along the same theme as the first pair but I added the zigzags to the backs and threw in some black laces too. I managed to get them sent out and passed on to Dan near the end of January so I’ve got my fingers crossed for the forthcoming sold out UK tour! Congratulations to Bastille for their win at The BRIT awards this week too. Well deserved!

Zigzag backs Dan Smith's 2nd pair of Custom Converse


2014 has got off to a busy start with lots of requests coming through for His and Hers wedding pairs. I’ll get some photos of these uploaded as soon as they’re finished. I’ve also had some great new designs for Brides featuring lots of glitter, swarovski crystals, ¬†and gold or silver colour schemes.

Glittery Hi Tops with Wedding Details and Swarovski Toes Silver Backs with White Wedding Date

Silver Initials Design Gold Backs with White Bride lettering


Amongst the wedding pairs i’m still getting lots of requests for brand new designs such as these Squirtle Pokemon ones which looked really well with the matching blue laces. So keep the requests coming though!

Squirtle and Water Engergy


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