New Iridescent Style

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There’s no filter on these brand new Iridescent Oil Slick Converse!

Iridescent Oil Slick 1

Iridescent Oil Slick 5

The rubber soles have a gorgeous pearly shine to them and would be a perfect alternative to the crystal toe options if you are on a tighter budget. The basic shoe style comes in at just £5 more than the Classic Low Tops.

Iridescent Oil Slick 2

They have an embossed logo on the tongues and iridescent eyelets. The canvas has a silkier and thinner feel to it, slightly different for me to paint but it gives the same lasting affect for designs.

Iridescent Oil Slick 3

The pair pictured are a UK 6 with lilac heel tags and are up for sale – lettering and further designs can still be added!

The style is exclusive to Shuch and will only be available whilst stocks last, so please submit an email inquiry if you would like these for your order:

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