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Wedding Converse

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I've been getting lots of requests for Wedding Converse for brides, and the addition of the Swarovski Crystals and White Ribbon laces is making them look great! This pair has silver hearts with black outlines to match the silver and black and white colour theme of the wedding. The date of the Wedding has been added to the spines of the shoe along with the title Bride.   A more classic approach where the heels of each shoe have been painted in a colour to match the wedding colour theme and then layered up with the couples' married name.   ...Read More

Swarovski Converse

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We now have the Swarovski crystals in stock (with some Red and Blue ones on the way for a Union Jack pair hopefully!) I've been updating the listings in the shop to include the Swarovski Crystals to the existing designs to offer the best of both worlds when  it comes to Custom Converse. Quite a few places offer the crystals, not so many the hand painted designs - but we can now do both! I'll be getting a lot more photos of pair as and when they get made up, so keep an eye out!