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Hunger Games

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Got round to painting these up in full today.   Still some touching up to be done and then i'll ad the Hunger Games logo on the opposite sides. These are a size 6 and will be sold off once they're complete. Let me know if you are interested! Also completed one of the One Direction orders today :)

The Hunger Games Design

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Had some unexpected spare time today so I started working on a design for The Hunger Games. Being able to draw it out is always a good start!     I painted it up quickly over the top, trying to keep as much of the detail in there as possible, and added the text too. Full design would be black converse, each outer side containing the golden mockingjay and grey design with the inner sides containing the hunger games logo (most likely split between the two shoes)

Plans for this week

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Asides from getting the finishing touches sorted out on here I've got quite a bit to be getting on with in the coming week. One Direction - Red x2 Ed Sheeran x2 Mylo Xyloto As well as these I've got a black size 6 pair in stock with two possible designs to be created. I'm thinking either Doctor Who or The Hunger Games. I've had a couple of suggestions for The Hunger Games already and the first film will be out very soon, but Doctor Who is always going to be popular! Which design do you think I should start ...Read More