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Doctor Who Converse

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So the Doctor Who meets Van Gogh converse have been painted up in full now.   I'm really pleased with how they look, and yet again it's another pair of converse which happen to be in my size so I automatically want to keep them for myself! I can't though, so they will be posted off to the US tomorrow. If you would like a pair the listing is up over on the shop page. I've also had a few requests for low-top One Direction converse so there's a new listings page for those too, obviously no images of them ...Read More

Doctor Who meets Van Gogh

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I've been thinking of doing a Doctor Who themed pair of converse for a while now, so when I received an email this morning regarding a pair I was excited. Little did I know that our email discussion would go on to combine Doctor Who with Van Gogh - as I recently practiced. Alex made these designs up on photoshop and sent them over to me and they look incredible. I'll hopefully get to make a start on them in the very near future!