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After 98 years with very few changes being made to the classic Chuck Taylor All Star’s (why change perfection?), Converse have now released the Chuck II. The good news for us is that they’re still fully customizable! So what has changed?

Chuck II

If we start off with the all important visuals you will notice that the Chuck II is, so far, only available in 4 main colours. Black, Sodalite Blue, Salsa Red and White. (Three new colours are rumoured to be released nearer the end of the year.) Each pair has a matching eyelet colour and matching laces too. (The Black, Blue and Red pairs also come with White laces, and the White pair come with an extra pair of Black laces.) The laces have a slightly different feel to them, much flatter and crisper and with slightly longer aglets. The new sleek design is finished off with a textured edge between canvas and sole, and textured lower line, replacing the classic racing stripes. Smaller details to note are the inclusion of a branded top eyelet and the logo at the base of the heel being marked in black.

Chuck II

The main difference between the Classic All Star and the Chuck II comes on the inside. The Chuck II contains a Lunarlon sole, developed by Nike to give cushioning and support to your feet. I have lived in Converse since the age of 12 and never had an issue with the comfort of the shoes but it’s safe to say that the difference is noticeable with the Chuck II – and in a good way! I also own a couple of pairs of the 70’s style Converse which already had a thicker and spongier sole compared to the Classics, but the Chuck II’s are in a whole new league. Added to this are a padded non-slip tongue and a perforated micro-suede lining. The lining helps to create a thicker feeling canvas which holds it shape well and also refrains the high top style from bunching up at the sides.

Chuck II

The final change comes in the form of a fully embroidered All Star patch on the inner sides of the high tops. Not so much of a big deal to some, but I feel it adds extra quality! The high top style are selling at a price of ¬£60 and the low top style ¬£55 so this will be factored in to your Custom Converse design quote. Stores are suggesting that you order a size larger as the new soles make the shoes feel tighter. I’d say there’s probably only a half size difference and when fully worn in I doubt you’d notice. I will be watching the stock levels to see if they sustain well (they’re selling fast!) before getting these options added into the shop, however if you’re keen to get a custom pair ordered in the new Chuck II style just drop me a message and I will get everything organised.

Chuck II's

As soon as I get a spare half hour I’ll be throwing some paint at a pair of these!





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