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It always makes me smile when I get a notification from Twitter or Facebook from one of you lovely lot out there; even more so when there’s a photo attached too! Hearing that you’re happy with your Converse and that others are noticing and commenting on them too is amazing. It’s a strange feeling when you notice people are looking at your feet, but one which I’ve always loved. When I was in college I let my friends doodle all over a pair of white high tops for my 17th Birthday present. I pretty much lived in them for the next few years and would pick up on other people trying to read what was written on them or make sense of the random images. 5 years down the line and I’m being sent photos of my work from all over the world: Disneyland, helping to make happy memories at Weddings, or evenĀ on stage at European Festivals!

Here are just a few of your images from over the years. If you have any more that you’d like including in the gallery below just let me know and I will get them added!

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